Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011


By Marsigit
Reviewed by Siti Subekti

Education in Indonesia has nature of autonomy, which is proven by the use of school based curriculum so that every school has the right to develop their respective education. To avoid inequality matter and the learning process, the government makes the rules that contain the national standard of education. Education standards include eight standards, i.e. the standards of content, the standards process, standard of competency graduates, educator and Labor Standards, education and infrastructure Standards, standards management, assessment standards and financing Standards.
The standard process for the unit of elementary and secondary education includes the planning of the learning process, the implementation of the process of learning, assessment of learning outcomes, and monitoring the learning process.
The planning of the learning process and the implementation plan covers the syllabus of instruction that contains the identity of the subjects, the standard of competence, basic competence, an indicator of achievement of competencies, learning objectives, learning material, the allocation of time, the method of learning, learning activities, assessment of learning outcomes, and learning resource. Lesson plan elaborated from syllabus to direct learners learning activities in an attempt to reach basic competence.
The learning process is the implementation of the lesson plan and contains of introduction, core activity, and closing. Introduction contains explanations of teachers regarding the scope of material and description of activities. The core activity is the process of learning that can use a method adapted to the characteristics of learners and subjects, such as the process of elaboration, exploration, and confirm. In the closing activity, teachers do assessment and reflection of the activities that have been implemented consistently and hard-wired and draw conclusions from these studies.
Assessment of learning outcomes is carried out by teachers against the learning outcomes to measure the level of achievement of competence of learners, as well as used as a basis for the preparation of progress report on the results of learning, and improve the learning process. This assessment can be individual tasks, task groups, portfolio, as well as a written test.
Supervision of the learning process is done at the stage of planning, implementation, and assessment of learning outcomes. Monitoring can be done by means of a focused group discussion, observation, recording, recording, interview, and documentation.

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